Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New Soap Scents

We've recently added two new soaps to our line.
We've been asked how we decide which scents to make.
For our regular soaps, we occasionally drop a scent that is no longer popular, and add a new scent.
We add new scents on of three ways. We sometimes select a new fragrance from one of our suppliers. Other times we create new scent blends with our essential oils. We also add fragrances that our customers request. We get many requests and suggestions, and we can't try them all (we can do small custom batches, though ). If we get a number of requests we will generally make a batch of that new scent and see how it does. So if you are looking for a particular scent let us know!

Our new scents are Citronella, and Kudzu Blossom, both often requested fragrances.

We do holiday or seasonal soaps in addition to our standard product line.
We generally do 2-3 seasonal scents for each season. We select and make those seasonal scents months in advance so the soap is cured well and ready to go when the appropriate season arrives.

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