Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Going From Two To Three

We are only five and a half weeks into this life change, but I thought I'd report on the transition from two to three.
I really think that the toughest transition so far was going from 0 to 1. Each new child presents new challenges, but after the first baby you really understand how parenting is truly a 24/7 job, and how exhausting and overwhelming it can be.
By number three you are familiar with the sleepless nights and long days, but you also know how quickly the newborn days will fly by.
The hardest thing about going from two to three is that as parents you are outnumbered. There are times when all three need to be held or need something different all at once and RIGHT NOW and there are moments all three are crying.
However, there are many wonderful moments too, all three snuggled on mommy's lap, watching the girls play together, seeing how they adore their little brother.
We get to enjoy each child, and we get the joy of watching the children enjoy and love each other.
So I'd say having three is pretty wonderful. We are thankful for each little blessing!

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