Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Soap Workshop

Recently we have had trouble fitting everything in our soap room. We make soap, cure the bars, wrap soap, pack and ship orders, store supplies and equipment all in one space.
So we rearranged everything and now everything fits and it feels like a brand new space.
Here are a few after photos, I did not take any before photos!
Here are shelves where we keep miscellaneous supplies, labels and bags, and some shipping supplies.
The lower cabinets hold essential oils.

Some Anise and Herbes de Provence soaps on the curing shelf.

This shelf holds equipment, and some of the ingredients for soap.

Soaps on the curing rack.

This worktable is currently stacked with our farmers market totes packed and ready to go.

More soaps.


Soap molds, and soaps.

This cart is holding some lotions and laundry soap.

 That is a look at our soap room!

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