Thursday, May 24, 2012


Make yourself at home and let's get to know each other.

Becky loves goats, and established Dixie Does Alpines. Started in 1994, she and her siblings bought their first goats. The farm grew over the years, and their goats won top prizes and provided lots of milk.
Bill married Becky in 2009, and now the farm is a family project.

Bill and Becky met on eHarmony, and after discovering many common interests, began a serious relationship on April 20 when, unbeknownst to Bill, was the 15th anniversary of the beginning of Dixie Does Alpines, Bill said, "I love you" to Becky!

Laura came along in June 2010, and as soon as she could, began to reach out from her stroller to pet the goats. Now walking, she walks right up to a sitting goat and gives it a hug around the neck. She can even get a few squirts of milk out...and she's not even two yet!

Elizabeth was born in October 2011, and is quickly following in Laura's footsteps loving the goats!


  1. The image at the top of your blog looks remarkable like you all! How neat!

  2. Becky! I love the blog cartoon! Who drew it? I can't wait to read your blog!

  3. Thanks! My sister in law Tara designed the header for us.

  4. I like your story!! I think it's wonderful that you met Bill after you already had your business up and running, and he came on board with being a helper to all that you do! That is love and support, right there. Who takes care of the animals so that y'all can get away occasionally, do some travel and see the world together as a couple (or with the children even, family vacations and such)? Will you teach your daughters about sustainable homesteading/farming so that they might continue this practice, either on your farm or a piece of land of their own one day? Seems like they are already taking a keen interest, which is encouraging to see. We need this type of lifestyle preserved among future generations! Kudos to you for all that you do; I can tell it is hard work, but it obviously puts great bounty on the table for nourishment!